A Truly Kind Gesture In The Middle Of A Pandemic – Thank You Adamo’s Pasta

Throughout this pandemic, we have been constantly reminded of the kindness that lives within the people of our Sydney community. Today we’re featuring one such business owner who has kindly taken it upon himself to donate some much-needed food supplies to the Project Kindness cause.

What is Adamo’s Pasta doing to help throughout Covid-19 lockdowns?

We are so pleased and grateful to let you all know that Adamo Pavirani (Adamo’s Pasta owner) and the rest of the Adamo’s crew have set aside 50 delicious and filling pasta packs to be delivered to us over the next few weeks to help feed the hungry mouths of some of Sydney’s most vulnerable people.

The pasta packs contain enough fresh pasta and sauces to create 2 large meals for someone who is struggling to find healthy, nutritious food in these tough times.

Adamo counts himself as one of the lucky ones as his business is considered an essential food service, so he is able to keep it up and running. We find ourselves feeling lucky for this as well because of the kindness and selfishness he is showing by giving back to the community with these wonderful donations.

We think there’s a message to spread here…

No matter how tough times get or how hard it is to keep on keeping on, there are always people who will go out of their way to help.

You can absolutely be one of these people. If you’re fortunate enough to be living comfortably or still able to keep your business running throughout these lockdowns and you feel like helping others who are less fortunate, we are always happy to accept your help on their behalf.

To donate or lend your help to project Kindness, you can head across to our website and explore the different avenues for showing your own brand of kindness to the world.

Anything you donate, whether that be time, money, food or something else entirely, will be put towards finding a better way of life for the members of our Sydney community who are struggling to make ends meet.

If you’d like to support Adamo’s Pasta by purchasing some delicious traditional Italian goodness, head across to their website, check out their menu and take advantage of their home delivery service.

That’s all from us for now! Until next time, keep your head up.

As always, stay kind!

Team Kindness 💖

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