Project Freedom

The whole kit and caboodle! Your kind gift will give a disadvantaged individual a sleep & care kit with all of those material essentials that we all deserve.


Would you like to help deliver little packages of kindness with us? ProjectKindness is planning to give out kindness packages to the homeless people of Wooloomooloo as part of our Project Freedom campaign, and in doing so we hope to share the power of human connection, a listening ear, and kindness.

Kindness packages are the whole kit and caboodle; backpacks full of basic necessities to help make life on the streets a little more bearable for those living rough. They include things like toiletries, sleeping bags, and warm clothes like beanies, socks, and gloves.

Project Kindness recently delivered kindness packages to the homeless people of Wolloomooloo. The people we met were so thankful for the packages and to have someone to share their stories with. We met so many wonderful people struck down by circumstance who were so grateful we visited.

Project Kindness is calling for volunteers to be involved in the next kindness package run to Wooloomooloo. We’d like to get a big group together. It will be an on-going evenings. If you’re interested in helping out, or would like to donate items to put in the kindness packages, we would love to hear from you! Please message our social media pages or email if you’d like to be involved in spreading kindness in Wooloomooloo. Come and join us in our Project of Freedom!

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