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If you have any further kindness enquiries please email us at

Project Kindness is all about people helping people and spreading kindness among our community. We aim to help everyone in need, no matter how big or small their problem might be.

Some of the things we help with are connecting people with gently used goods like clothes, toiletries, homewares, and toys.

ProjectKindness recently gave bedding and homewares to a lady who had moved from the streets into a government housing property since she couldn’t afford these on her own. We also connect women in shelters with clothing and toiletries, and foster children with toys and a few things of their own when most have nothing.

We’re always willing to help, so if you need a little kindness please email us at or message our social media pages. Share your story and let us know how we can help you through a difficult situation.

We pick up when we are in kindness crisis mode, however, you can always have items brought to us – please email our kind team at to find out more.

Yes, hearing from you makes our day. We are always open for collection from our base in Kensington and we can also arrange delivery to your workplace or client. Please email for more information.

ProjectKindness accepts clean, fully operational items. That is, we don’t accept items that are stained, cracked or broken or technology related items.

Please see below the categories of donations:

Items required every day:

Children’s clothing

Baby essentials (Unopened nappies, baby wipes, formula, dummies, bottles, etc)

Non-perishable grocery items (spaghetti, pasta sauces, biscuits, snacks, rice, tinned food, etc.)

Toiletries (sealed)

Bedding and Blankets


Cutlery, Plates, bowls, cups, glasses


Items specifically requested (These donations will be requested when we have a demand for them. Please follow our Facebook or Instagram pages to stay up to date on requests)

Sets of drawers

Coffee tables, low TV units, small wardrobes, shelving units (up to 1.4mLength/1m Width/1m Depth)


Televisions (with remotes)

Deecorative household items (photoframes, rugs, vases, jugs, etc)


Items not accepted (unless specifically requested)

Adult clothing and shoes

Larger items (beds, couches etc.)

Washing machines, dryers, fridges

Computers and mobile phones

Any items that are stained or not washed


Gorgeous, clean, uplifting items!

ProjectKindness treats all members of the community as the same and therefore will only provide goods and services in good condition to those in need.

When considering whether an item is suitable, we always consider whether we would give it to a family member or friend, and if so, then it will be appropriate to accept as a donated item.

Absolutely! Please email for more information.

Absolutely! Please email for more information. 

Absolutely! Please email to confirm our safe drop off spot.

Absolutely! Monetary donations allow us to continue to provide individuals and families with kindness and hope. You can make a donation via our website here

We’re so glad you’ve considered supporting our day-to-day operations as we support the people who need a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on as they overcome some seriously difficult circumstances.

The best way to help us improve the lives of Sydney’s most disadvantaged folks is to send a donation our way. We would never ask you to part with your hard-earned cash if it weren’t for a super worthy cause – we think our project falls under the worthiest of endeavours.

It doesn’t matter how much you donate, the fact that you’re willing to give even a little of what you have to help put a roof over someone’s head, feed a family on the brink of starvation or provide relief to someone escaping a violent relationship shows that your kindness is worth its weight in gold.

What more can we say? The only thing left is THANK YOU. Seriously, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. Your contribution is welcomed and felt by so many people.

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