Stories of Impact: Cameron

If you have kids, you know the absolute love and devotion you feel for them. You would do anything for them, even if it meant you needed to go without.

Cameron is a wonderful dad to 5 seriously awesome kids. They all live together in social housing. Cameron was unable to work due to illness when we met him. Before we caught up with him, Cameron would go without for long periods of time just to ensure his kids weren’t left wanting. They certainly weren’t living comfortably like many of us are lucky enough to do. This was at no fault of Cameron’s, but he felt responsible all the same. He was beginning to worry that he and his kids would soon struggle to find enough food to eat each day.

It was at that point Project Kindness and the Sydney community stepped up to the plate and banded together to help this family. We started doing weekend food drop offs to the house. These regular food deliveries lasted for a period of time and helped Cameron get ahead a little. As well as food, we stopped by with a few buckets of goodies like toys and clothes for each of his children. The huge smiles we saw that day were enough to let us know that we are indisputably doing the right thing with our Project Kindness work.

We will occasionally stop by with a few bits and pieces for the family, but our initial kindness really helped put them in a good position. We were so glad to help Cameron back on his feet when he was at his lowest and we are extremely happy to see him back at work, now able to support his family.

Being able to bring Cameron and his family of 5 beautiful children back from the brink of hopelessness is an experience we will never forget.

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