Today, we’re sharing our thanks to the wonderful Ellie from Ella Dora Boutique who has shown her continued support for ProjectKindness, both through her business and personally. Ellie, thank you so much for everything you do for us. Now, it’s our turn to showcase your business as a way of showing our sincerest appreciation.

What is Ella Dora Boutique?

Ella Dora Boutique is a boutique, family-run, online, Australian baby and toddler clothing and accessories store based in Sydney, Australia.

Their designs cater to children from newborn to 3 years old with pieces sourced both globally and from within Australia.

The boutique strives to bring luxe clothing and accessories to mothers who like to dress their children in style through high-quality, yet affordable outfits.

Ella Dora has its regular range but it also offers its very own series of garments as part of ‘Ella Dora – The Label’, with each piece designed and created ethically and sustainably.

How does Ellie help ProjectKindness through her business and personally?

Ellie has been such a huge help to ProjectKindess by donating baby clothing from her store to little ones in need, and she is always happy to put her hand up to help with other PK initiatives.

Ellie, again, thank you so much for everything you do for us!

πŸ’– Team PK

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