Our mission is to spread kindness and improve the day to day living of vulnerable people in our community.

We do this by connecting people in need with goods and services and providing the dignity, respect, protection and care that everyone deserves.
The Problem

More than 3.24 million people, including 774,000 children under 15, are living below the poverty line in Australia

and are unable to access essential food and household items.
Who Is Project Kindness?

Our family of volunteers is made up of some of the kindest, most caring individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, careers, living situations and lives.

What do we all have in common? An unwavering desire to help improve the quality of life of the people who are struggling within the Greater Sydney community.
What We Do

We spend our time, our resources and our donated goods and funds to help wherever we can.

We all know what is at stake when the lives of the people we strive to support are involved. The aid we provide includes, but is not limited to…
  • Collecting donations of food, homewares, clothing, books, toys and more to pass on to impoverished community members
  • Collecting monetary donations to funnel into the lives of the people we support and to fund the ProjectKindness cause in order to consistently continue helping our community
  • Informing vulnerable members of the community as to where they can find valuable resources to help their individual situations and connecting them with organisations who are able to provide regular and ongoing support
  • Providing disadvantaged members of the community with a safe space where they know they can always find help, care and kindness when they’re at their lowest
  • Informing the general public of the ways in which they can help the less fortunate members of their community

In all of this, we work hand in hand with members of the general public, business owners, schools, like-minded charities and organisations, community centres, and more. We value our strong community connections as we know they are the glue that holds together ProjectKindness and all the life-changing work we do.

How We Do It

Our team works with the Sydney community, by connecting goods, that have been donated by sponsors, to as many of Sydney’s people in need as we can.

Who We Help

Our focus remains on consistently transforming the lives of people who are socially or financially disadvantaged living in areas of Sydney.

Of course, we strive to show kindness to anyone who needs it, but our scope also extends to those people living with disabilities or mental illness who find themselves feeling lost and vulnerable without friends or family to turn to.
We Are Changing Lives

In the last 12 months:

Food donation

Food Hampers

were provided to individuals and families in need.
Clothes donation

Toys & Clothing Hampers

were provided to babies & children in foster care.

Boxes of Nappies

were provided to vulnerable children.

Emergency Relief Calls

were responded to within the hour.
Kitchen scale (1)

Tonne of Food Was Saved

from landfill and delivered to the hearts and mouths of our community.


were run for our most vulnerable communities to ensure access to basic essentials - a human right for all.