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Kindness Changes Lives

When she finally moved in with her children, she cried tears of joy all night. When she thought that she had composed herself, all it took was for her to look around the room and she was in a flood of tears again. After fleeing domestic violence and moving into a safe space, she finally feels secure. She is looking forward to the rest of her life.

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Watch this to see what we're about, what we do and what motivates us to be kind.

Together We Can Make The World A Little More Kind

After growing up in refuges and suffering domestic violence at a young age, Lulu became homeless. She slept on the ground outside Sydney’s Central Station, struggling to survive hunger, exposure to the weather, and the ever present threats of violence and assault.

Now, at 51 years old, Lulu has been lucky enough to move into a social housing property. However Lulu didn’t have basics like sheets, blankets, curtains, kitchen items, and food to fill her pantry. While she was used to sleeping rough, she was still cold, without privacy, and didn’t have any plates or cookware.

Through the help of the community, ProjectKindness shared some kindness, dignity, and comfort by providing Lulu with these necessities. 

Lulu was so excited to have a place to call home where she is able to live in safety and where she could get her life back on track. Together, we helped improve her life for the better.


About Us

ProjectKindness is a case specific donation accepting charity. We help the Sydney community to be kind to each other, by connecting people in need with donated goods and services that change their lives for the better. Together, we can make the world a little more kind.

How We Make A Difference

At ProjectKindness we’re passionate about making a difference in those who need it the most. When we heard that a homeless lady had finally secured social housing and didn’t have the basics like curtains and a mattress, we asked the community for help. Thanks to the donations from individuals and businesses we sourced and delivered the curtains and mattress to her, and in doing so, we delivered comfort and dignity too.

How You Can Help

Want to share a little of your kindness?

You can help by donating items that are clean and in good working order, or by picking up and delivering donated items to people in need. We’d also love to hear from qualified tradesman who would like to donate a few hours of their time.

Kindness History

“Kindness is the number one attribute in a human being.”

The ProjectKindness story is one of strength, determination and how the sheer drive to help can make all the difference in the world.

The story starts with Clem.

Clem is the initial force of kindness behind this wonderful venture. She is based in Sydney, Australia and has a background in adult mental health and child protection with counselling and psychological science qualifications.

Through her volunteer work with boarding houses and individuals with severe mental health and disability challenges, Clem came to realise that these people were living in a bleak world. The boarding house walls were bare. There was a general air of depression and gloom. The houses were devoid of hope and happiness. But it didn’t have to be that way. These people could, and should be able to live such brighter, happier lives.

Clem took matters into her own hands, becoming the change that she wanted to see. She and a few others reached out to the Sydney community and were absolutely stoked to receive amazing donations of photos, artworks and other colourfully heart-warming items. They adorned the boarding house with these precious gifts and the residents were so happy to see some colour and light and love in their home that had been bleak and dark for so long. Some were taken back to their childhoods as paintings reminded them of happy times gone by. Others said that just a little burst of colour had made their entire day.

Clem and her team made a habit of bringing joy to the lives of individuals doing it tough everywhere. Christmas meant decorating boarding houses with tinsel and distributing donated gifts. That developed into a general need to spread kindness everywhere.

And so, ProjectKindness was born.

From small beginnings, driving around Sydney, picking up donations and delivering to those in need in the inner-city areas, ProjectKindness quickly gained traction and expanded to helping people all throughout the greater Sydney region.

Through ProjectKindness the homeless, the helpless and the hopeless are all supported through the selfless acts of others. More and more people are coming on board, donating their possessions, their time and their kindness in order to improve the quality of life of some of Sydney’s most vulnerable citizens. For that we have the Sydney community to thank. In no way, shape or form could this venture have thrived without the shining light of a wonderful band of people.

The reason we are now able to support a large group of wonderful social workers and case workers through the needs of their clients is because of all the kind-hearted souls who have so selflessly allowed us the privilege to do so with their donations and their actions.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. When you support ProjectKindness, you are supporting wonderful, inspiring and remarkable individuals find their feet and build better lives, regardless of their current circumstances.

So, what’s next for ProjectKindness? Well, that story continues with you…

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