Our story.

Our why.

Firstly, welcome. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and learn a little about our story.

ProjectKindness was established in 2017 by our very own Clementine Hartson.

A Sydney local, Clem had always felt for the Sydneysiders she saw on the streets, dealing with hardship, not knowing who to turn to for support.

So, as soon as she was able, she started reaching out to the community, gathering donated goods and funds and delivering them to those in need.

From Clem’s determination and drive to help, ProjectKindness was born.

What began as a one-woman show of kindness has now evolved into a wonderful group of like-minded people providing:

  • Heartwarming, real support in the form of donations, fundraising and more for those who would otherwise go without.
  • Home, happiness and a simple “hello” for people lacking family, friendship and connection.
  • Hope for those who are struggling through poverty, homelessness and other disadvantages across Sydney city and surrounding suburbs.

With the support of community members, businesses and other organisations, ProjectKindness strives to continue providing these critical offers of support and hope to those living in less than favourable social and economic circumstances.

Project Kindness Volunteer

Meet Clem.

In order to truly understand what ProjectKindness is all about, we should introduce you to our Founder, Clementine Hartson, or Clem, as she’s affectionately known.

Clem is a Sydneysider herself. She sees the poverty, the homelessness, the helplessness and the utter loss of hope that Sydney locals face during times of hardship, whether they be brief moments in time or extended periods in their lives.

Clem’s compassion, kindness and infectious smile are her biggest assets as our leader here at ProjectKindness.

She is highly knowledgeable about mental health (you can read about her personal experience here), which is a common hardship that a lot of our kindness recipients face, on top of their underprivileged circumstances.

She simply cares…and she cares enough to do something about the problems facing people who are often complete strangers to her, each and every day.

We value Clem enormously, as does our community, as evident in her acceptance of the 2022 NSW Volunteer of the Year Award.

Clem’s fighting spirit and the help of those around her will keep ProjectKindness alive for years to come.

“I can’t help but be proud of what has been created, and to this day, at its heart, lies a place where everyone can find the kind of love and kindness that gives and doesn’t take.”

Clementine Hartson, ProjectKindness Founder

Give or receive a little kindness today.

Donate today and your kindness will provide invaluable support to people in need all across Sydney.

Request help today and we will respond within 24 hours to do what we can to support your needs.

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If your request is urgent, please call 0431 537 727.

Please note: A referral form is required to be completed for all kindness requests. If you wish to reach out and request non-urgent help for yourself or someone else, the best place to start is to complete a self-referral or client referral form HERE.

*We currently have no volunteering opportunities available, but thank you so much if that is why you were enquiring.*