1. Who does ProjectKindness Help?

ProjectKindness provides support to the most vulnerable in our community. 

These groups include migrant and refugee groups, people with mental illness, offenders being released back into the community, people with disabilities, from different cultural backgrounds or those from lower socio-economic backgrounds, people fleeing domestic violence, LGBTQI+ communities, homeless people and those who are socially isolated as well as any other members of the community who require support due to their vulnerability.

2. What type of support does ProjectKindness offer?

ProjectKindness distributes ‘Kindness Hampers’ made up to meet the requirements of the Kindness Recipient.

The items we provide can include non-perishable groceries and household items such as bedding, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans, towels, blankets etc. as well as age appropriate toys, books, children's clothes and school supplies.

3. What does ProjectKindness not provide?

· Larger furniture and appliances (beds, fridges, washing machines, dryers, televisions, etc.).

· Mobile phones or computers.

· Adult clothing or shoes.

· Financial support.

· Stained items.

· Expired food items.

4. I need some help, what should I do?

ProjectKindness is all about helping people and spreading kindness among our community. We aim to help everyone in need, no matter how big or small their problem might be.

We will be in contact within 24 hours of receiving a Kindness Request to organise the best time to drop off. Please note that we only deliver to within five kilometres of Kensington.

If you are requesting support for yourself, please submit this form

5. If I need support again, do I need to submit a Kindness Request again?

ProjectKindness requires a Kindness Request Form to be submitted every time you request support.

ProjectKindness can refer you to longer term support agencies if you would like us to.

6. As a Health Professional, am I able to request support for my clients?

ProjectKindness provides Kindness Hampers to people referred by Health Professionals.

We will be in contact within 24 hours of receiving a Kindness Request to organise the best time for collection.

ProjectKindness’ preference is that kindness hampers are collected by Health Professionals from our base in Kensington. Please call to discuss if this is not possible. 

If you are a Health Professional requesting kindness for someone else, please submit this form

7. What donations does ProjectKindness accept?

ProjectKindness believes that everyone deserves to receive good quality donations, no matter their circumstances.

When considering whether an item is suitable, we always think about whether we would give it to a family member or friend, and if so, then it will be appropriate to accept as a donated item.

·       Non-perishable Grocery Items (pasta sauce, biscuits, breakfast cereals, crackers, etc.)

·       Children’s Lunchbox Food and Snacks (muesli bars, crackers, popcorn, juice poppers, chips etc.).

·       Toiletries (un-opened and sealed).

·       Sheets, Pillow cases, Quilt Covers, Quilt Inners, Pillows (new), Blankets and Towels.

·       Microwaves, Toasters, Kettles, Pots and Pans.

·       Cutlery (no sharp knives), Plates, Bowls, Cups, Glasses (no wine glasses).

·       Baby and Children’s Clothing (new).

·       Baby Essentials (unopened nappies, baby wipes, formula, dummies, bottles, etc.)

·       Baby Blankets and Wraps.

·       Children’s Books and Small Toys (new).



8. What donations does ProjectKindness not accept?

- Larger items (beds, fridges, washing machines, dryers, televisions etc).

- Mobile phones or computers.

- Perishable food items (milk, cheese, bread, meat, fruit and vegetables, etc).

- Adult clothing and shoes.

- Food or clothing vouchers.

- Medication support.

- Financial support.

9. How do I find out what donations are needed most?

The best way to find out what items we need is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

10. Can I drop off donations to your base in Kensington or post donations to you?

We are happy to pick up donations within a 5km radius of our Kensington base. We would be grateful if any donations outside of this area are dropped to our base in Kensington.

We’d love to be able to pick up right across Sydney, however we find that our time is better placed delivering to those in need and sourcing items for our kindness recipients.

If you would like to post donations to us then please email IAmKind@ProjectKindness.com.au for all delivery details. 

11. Do you accept monetary donations and how do I receive a donation receipt?

The best way to help us improve the lives of Sydney’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people is to send a donation our way. We would never ask you to part with your hard-earned cash if it weren’t for a super worthy cause – we think our project falls under the worthiest of endeavours.

It doesn’t matter how much you donate however, the fact that you’re willing to give even a little of what you have to help feed a family or provide relief to someone escaping a violent relationship shows that your kindness is worth its weight in gold.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. If you make a one-off donation online, you will be receipted instantly via email. 

If you become a regular donor and make monthly donations, you will receive a consolidated tax receipt covering all your donations at the end of the Financial Year.

You can make a donation via our website here.

12. Where does my donation go?

If you are making a donation, your support is directed to the area of greatest need, in the most efficient way possible. Donations are used to support all activities detailed on our website.