In times of need, small things count

In April 2021, the Catholic Weekly Newspaper met with ProjectKindness Founder, Clementine Hartson, with regard to a special collaboration between with her charity, Mary Immaculate Church at Waverley and local MP Marjorie O’Neill which brought Clementine’s dream of a community pantry to life. ProjectKindness provided a ‘Kindness Cupboard’ in Waverley for people to take what they need and leave what they can. From there Kindness Cupboards have been set up in Maroubra and Newcastle.

The Kindness Cupboards are stocked with quality tinned vegetables, pasta, soup, baby food, breakfast cereal, toothbrushes, even new blankets and pillows.

The increase in calls for support over the last couple of years has been huge and the Kindness Cupboards provide an alternative option for people in need of food.

Clementine knows that small gestures can often be the kindest to someone struggling to
make ends meet and she is a great believer that together we can make the world a little more kind.

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