Helping Your Community One Kind Deed At A Time

So, you’ve stumbled upon our organisation, whether by chance or on purpose, and you’re wondering just how you can get involved and help us help some of the most vulnerable people Sydney’s wider community? Today we’re chatting about just that! We’re going to let you know exactly how YOU can help make a difference the Project Kindness way. All it takes is a little care and kindness…

Once-off or recurring donation

This may be the simplest way to show your support for the great stuff we’re doing here at ProjectKindness. If you have some funds to spare, please consider donating to our cause. We offer a range of donation options including once-off, fortnightly, monthly or annually. You’re also not locked in to donating a specific amount. We know everyone’s circumstances are different, so you’re free to choose exactly how much you’d like to donate and when.

To show your support and take a step towards helping your community via monetary donation, you can head across to our Donate Kindness page whenever you’re ready.

Volunteer with ProjectKindness

Our organisation is entirely based on the idea that everyone has a little bit of kindness to share with the world. We rely on our amazing volunteers to keep kindness alive for Sydney’s most vulnerable people. Our volunteers assist in all the day-to-day aspects of running Project Kindness like distributing donated items, managing our warehouse where we keep donated goods, manning our email inboxes and phones and much, much more.

If you’d like to become a ProjectKindness volunteer, simply send an email across to to learn more.

Become a ProjectKindness business hub

We work with a range of businesses who kindly offer up space on their premises for collecting and storing donations of non-perishable food items. We then pick up the goods and distribute them to community members who need them. We work with offices, preschools, restaurants, community centres and other spaces that are happy to donate a little bit of their kindness (and their space) towards making Sydney a better place for the vulnerable.

Email to get your business involved.

School fundraising

We love seeing schools getting involved in helping their community. If your school is interested in introducing the younger generation to the power of kindness and fundraising, you can host special events like mufti days to raise funds or collect donated items for the ProjectKindness cause. It’s a fun way to promote helping your community.

To enquire about hosting a fundraiser at your school, just contact us via when you’re ready.

Kids fundraising

We have a group of kids already fundraising for their community through ProjectKindness on a regular basis. It’s so lovely to see little ones setting up fundraising stalls and spreading the kind word with the help of their parents in shopping centres, at sporting events and through other creative means.

Email if your little one is interested in getting out into the community and helping people. They will even receive a special ProjectKindness donation box and a certificate for all the great work they’re doing.

Donate belongings

We are always, always, always accepting donations of belongings that are no longer wanted or needed. Non-perishable food items go a long way in keeping Sydney’s vulnerable people fed. Home essentials like bedding, toasters, kettles, cutlery and microwaves help us ensure the people we help have the basic essentials when they do find a home. Stockpiling baby essentials are a super important part of what we do. There are many mothers in our community who have nowhere to go and struggle to feed, clothe and look after their babies every single day. Your donations of nappies, formula, baby wipes, food and other baby essentials are crucial to helping these mothers keep themselves and their babies healthy.

If you have any extra belongings or have purchased some items to donate, please email to let us know.

Offer your services

Do you have a particular service that could help ProjectKindness? We always need assistance when it comes to moving donated furniture around, so if you have a van, truck or ute to offer, we would be super grateful. We also think it’s important to document the stories of the people we help and promote the good work we are doing, so photographers, and videographers, as well as other talented creatives are very much the people we love having on board.

Again, email to let us know how you can help.

Thank you so much for your time! We hope you feel inspired to join the ProjectKindness cause in any way that suits you and your lifestyle. We look forward to working with you, no matter how you choose to help.

As always, stay kind!

Team Kindness 💖

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