Thank You To The Bay Trampolines For Putting A Bounce In Our Step

Today we’ve got a little story for you all about how generosity isn’t just about giving monetary donations. We can all help someone else by just offering up our time and expertise.

Before the holidays, we sent out a kindness request to see if we could get some help finding a trampoline for a dad and his four kids living below the poverty line, right here in Sydney. We figured the least we could do is bring some fun into their lives in the spirit of Christmas and giving.

So, we put the call out and boy, did Sydney listen.

We had such an overwhelmingly positive response from the community with many people offering funds to help with the trampoline purchase…but then we had someone go out of their way to purchase an actual trampoline.

You guys are honestly incredible. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen.

Our biggest surprise though came in the form of an everyday hero: a firefighter who is also the owner of The Bay Trampolines. He happily offered his time and his expertise to put the trampoline together without asking for a thing in return.

The Bay Trampolines

We just wanted to take this opportunity to send our thanks and share the link to The Bay Trampolines website with you all. If you need any trampoline assembly, disassembly or relocation, we highly recommend getting in touch with them!


As always, stay kind!

Team Kindness 💖

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